The work of others is often conveniently forgotten, especially on Blogs, an error I do not intend to replicate. I use many publicly available plugins on this WordPress blog and also use techniques, code or images also made freely available. Many of these simply ask for attribution and for those that I particularly like I make a point of using their donate links. If you believe I am using something of yours and I have neglected to list it here, please let me know so I may rectify the omission.

WordPress plugins

  • Add From Server: Dion Hulse
  • Ad Squares Widget:, WebSharks, Inc*
  • AmazonPress: WPConnect Productions*
  • Async Google Analytics for WordPress: Bambang Sugiarto
  • Avatars: Peter Sterling
  • Better Tag Cloud: Nicolas Kuttler
  • Clean SEO Slugs: Muhammad Alyas
  • CodeColorer: Dymtro Shteflyuk*
  • Customize Meta Widget: Jehy*
  • EHT Graphviz: Emilio González Montaña**
  • Footnotes for WordPress: Charles Johnson
  • Greg’s High Performance SEO: Greg Mulhauser
  • Hackadelic SEO Table of Contents: Hackadelic
  • Hackadelic Sliding Notes: Hackadelic
  • Robots Meta: Joost de Valk
  • Shadowbox JS: Matt Martz
  • SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam: Mike Challis
  • Simple Social: (unknown)
  • WP-Associatizer: Dancing Mammoth
  • WP Super Cache: Donncha O Caoimh
  • XML Sitemap Feed: RavanH

* indicates plugins that have been modified slightly or extensively.
** indicates plugins that provided inspiration for my own publicly released plugins.

Graphics, CSS and JavaScript

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